Q1、How should I select the most suitable model for my products?
Selecting die casting machines is usually based on the mould size. Contact us for professional assistance and evaluation.
Q2、I don’t have any experience in die casting. What assistance can SIMHOPE provide me?
We provide comprehensive technical service and consultancy, including but not limited to, mould development, machine evaluation, installation and training. Naturally, we also offer after-sales service.
Q3、What are the consumable parts for die casting machines?
The main parts include, but are not limited to, piston rings, pistons, nozzles, nozzle tubes, goosenecks and heaters.
Q4、What type of warranty do you offer and what is the typical service-life of SIMHOPE products?
We offer a one-year standard warranty. The average service-life of a SIMHOPE die casting machine can reach 10 years when following the instructions for correct usage and maintenance.
Q5、I am in need of mould design, can SIMHOPE assist me?
Of course we can and we are happy to do so. Please provide your sample or product drawings.
Q6、Are there any large brands that use SIMHOPE machines currently?
Many well-known brands and leading players have directly adopted our machines. Many of them operate in fields that include household & bath hardware, fishing gear, zippers, and more.