Safety is the top priority

In casting process, we shall install the mold on the die closing system. The molds are closed by high pressure of the hydraulic cylinder. The furnace heats the metal, let the temperature of metal is between 410 and 430 degree Celsius. The molten metal is injected quickly into the die cavity. In the dies the products are cooled by the cooling system. So high pressure dies closing system, high efficiency heaters and height speed injection systems are the necessary of the casting machine. We design the safest machine to prevent hazards:

  1. Full cover design, comprehensive guards provide security for the operator.
  2. Double safety protections, there are two safety protections, one is the electrical control sensor, and the other is the hydraulic control switch. In the case of hot-chamber diecasting machines, metal flashing and mechanical hazards can occur in the injection drive area between shot sleeve and plunger, so metal flashing shall be prevented. SIMHOPE die casting machine provides two sensor switches in the die closing control system. The molten metal can be injected into the die both clamping the die by pressure and dies are withstanding nozzle by pressure.
  3. The accumulator with the safe pressure relief valve prevents lose of power. The accumulator provides power of injecting movement, and it's a tank with high pressure. Certainly there are some risks for use. Our machine provides the relief control valve, even if the motor loses of power, the machine is security in no pressure situation.
  4. It is low pressure for protecting the die when the die is closing. In casting process, the die closing movement might be actuated before the product is not dropped out or the slugs are not cleaned, that the die closing movement for high pressure would cause the die is broken. The SIMHOPE casting machine with the protecting function of low pressure, the function can protect the die against injuries by the foreign matters.
  5. There is a recycling stand above the furnace. It is safe and clean for recycling.

The full cover design not only looks modern but also provides the safest working environment.

The platform on the top of the furnace, allow you to recycle the waste alloys and avoid you contacting the furnace directly.

Precision of machining and inspection

Surface requirements of dimension and precision are very important for the casting product, such as high class bathroom accessories and parts of lock, especially, the tolerance of 3C electronic parts is very minimal. About the demand of precision, we own CNC machines, 3D inspection facility and some instruments for machining and measuring. For example, the parallelism demand of platens is 0.04mm, we can do that. We could let the products meet the stringent requirements of design by own machining equipments and testing equipments.

In addition, the products that have to be electroplated, can not exist any water marks or bubbles on the surface. There shall be turbulence or bubbles if the flow path of gooseneck is not smooth. The injection system of SIMHOPE casting machines can be filled completely less then 20ms, and the gooseneck with unique patented design will not produce turbulence or bubbles at high-speed injection situation.

Gooseneck: unique design, no turbulence or bubbles
Reliability and stability of Injection

It is very important that production yield besides requirements of precision. The defective products would waste costs directly. We know the customer requirements of production yield, so we are very careful in reliability of machines. We use advanced digital instruments to prove the performance of machines. For smooth surface of products, we have to set injection and fill in high speed. If the speed of injection is delay slightly or change subtly, the products would be defect. The advantage of high speed injection of SIMHOPE casting machine could be observed by injection curve test. The injection curve of machine does not shake in adding speed process.

  1. Locking force test: measure the max value of locking force and the stability of locking force system.
  2. Injection curve test: measure the injection speed and pressure, we can know the repeatability every times.

Locking force testing instrument

Injection curve testing instrument

Easy operation and durable structure

Besides safety and functional, the important rules that we design casting machines are the simple operating interface and the durable machine.

  1. The electrical box is separated off the machine. The lifespan of the electrical control components is extended.
  2. The shot nozzle can be adjustable by hydraulic system, it is convenient for operating.
  3. Our machines provide automatic lubrication system and the lubrication test about that, the lifespan of the die closing system is extended.
  4. The function of warning automatically, the operator can know well the situation of machine in time.
  5. Simplified and modularized designs, easy maintenance, convenient disassembly and repair.
  6. We use the famous brand components in electrical control systems, e.g. Mitsubishi and OMRON. The YUKEN components that made in Japan are used in the hydraulic system. Their functions are stable and the lifespan is long.
  7. The accumulator is the resource of power. The HYDAC accumulator that made in Germany is assembled in the SIMHOPE casting machine, it performs excellently in injection system.