Brand story

We must be the most fortunate die casting company we know.

For 38 years, we have been going about our business.
Doing what we know. Doing what we love.

We have worked with amazing people from around the world; Many of whom we now call our partners, our friends.
Our company has embraced change over the decades.
Encouraged by the trust that our clients allow us, we keep going.
Creating amazing machines. Delivering true service.

Just doing what we do and striving to do better.
It doesn't get more honest than that.

We are indeed a very fortunate die-casting company.

Brand vision
Empower customers,
value employees,
contribute to the community
and strive to become
an influential corporation
Solving customers' true pain points have been never compromised. Besides, we aim to build a better working environment and offer meaningful jobs for our people.
To our community, we continuously giving back.
SIMHOPE strives to become an influential corporation for our customers, employees and community.

3 perspectives
Customer needs
Employee value
Brand mission