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SH-60, the widest use of machine type, either integrated with automatic equipment or operated independently, can be applied to most of die casting industry. The comprehensive function and 70 ton locking fore allow die caster to produce perfect surface quality and casting part quality.

Die Locking Force ton 70
Tie Bar Diameter mm 60
Die Platen Dimension (WxH) mm 520×540
Tie Bars Spacing (WxH) mm 330×330
Closing Stroke mm 230
Die Thickness mm 120~420
Nozzle Break Stroke mm 180
Ejection Force ton 5
Ejection Stroke mm 70
Injection Force ton 5
Injection Stroke mm 130
Plunger Tip Diameter mm 45 50
Max. Casting Pressure kgf/cm² 314.5 254.7
Max. Casting Area cm² 222.5 274.8
Max. Casting Weight g 1000 1200
Nozzle Position Center mm 0
Standard mm -60
Adjustable mm 0;-60
Melting Pot Capacity kg 280
Hydraulic Pump Prssure kg/cm² 100
Core Valve pcs 1
Oil Tank Capacity l 200
Motor hp 15
Machine Weight ton 4.5
Machine Size (LxWxH) cm 426×180×201